Restore Data from Damaged or Inaccessible CF Card

Nowadays, millions of digital cameras, mobile phones come featured with different advance technologies and easy-to-use specifications that empower you to capture outstanding images and videos on to your gadgets. Since those pictures and videos let you record all moments of your wonderful life for a longer time within your digital camera or phone and that you can carry everywhere. These data are preserved and stored on different kinds of memory cards like SD, Micro or CF cards that helps you to save all records and pictures for further cherishing. If you are a user of CF (Compact Flash) cards that is successful memory card provider offers professional capacity with speed to store your audios, videos or pictures at one place. However, in there may be situation, you may end up losing your accessibility over saved data on your storage device. In such case, to restore inaccessible or lost pictures and videos back, you are recommended to use third party CF Card Recovery Software.

Consider a scenario where while trying to view saved pictures or while transferring your card data to computer system, user came across error stating that "No images found on the selected media". This might be a painful situation that your pictures and videos became unreachable from CF card and you are getting such errors on your camera or computer screen that resulting in data loss. Being a witness of such error, one may not ignore that condition of loss and inaccessibility.

The above situation can drive your spine down; certainly, no user can afford to lose to feel glitch. Therefore, it becomes essential to know the reasons behind CF data loss and to fix the errors and related to your memory card. Some of the causes:

  • CF card corruption or damaged file system.
  • Virus infection won't able you to access your saved photo from saving device.
  • Accidental formatting of CF card
  • Unknowing deletion images from the card
  • Such error pops up may due to unformatted drive

No matter what kind of reason is affecting your videos and images, don't panic because still you have good chance of recovering inaccessible or lost photos from your CF card. Just download CF Card Recovery Software from the Internet and get recover your lost photos, videos, audio files in an effortless manner. This third-party recovery software provides effective and improved scanning algorithms that help you to retrieve your multi-media content in original form, behalf of the data loss situation.

Some of the unique features of this software are:

  • Read-only facility for the recovery
  • Risk-free environment to recover lost, formatted, corrupted or deleted photos and videos files.
  • Provide recovery from MMC, XD, SD, etc.
  • Supports Windows as well as MAC operating system
  • Supports almost all types of photo, audio as well as video formats.

Guide to Perform CF Card Recovery Using This Software:

  • Download and install this software on your MAC or Windows OS
  • Scan, Preview and recover the photos, videos and audio files on the specified location.

Last but not least, this software program take a little time to scan CF card and gives 100% of the files recovery guarantee that were lost from a CF card in hassle less manner.

Steps for CF Card Recovery

Step 1: Install and Run Card Data Recovery Tool on your system. Select the recovery option (Photos, Media, Document) and then click on “Next” button to proceed further.

Step 2: All the storage device available or connected to your computer will be displayed on the Interface as shown in image below. Select the drive or card from which you want to recover files and then click on “Scan” button to allow software to scan your storage device to find deleted or lost files.

Step 3: After completion of scanning process, you will be able to preview the recovered files. Now select the files that you want back and then simply click on ‘Recover” button. Select different place to save recovered files on your computer.

Note: For successful recovery stop using your media storage device (memory cards, hard drive, USB drive, digital camera, pen drive, phones, etc) from where you have deleted or lost your media and document files. Because if you add any new data on the storage device it will overwrite the existing data and hence you will lose the chances of recovery.